Injection machines



At Plascom we have a selection of the latest generation plastic injection machines, with high-level technology to ensure stable and precise production, guaranteeing improved functionality and reliability in production processes.

Our machines are equipped with peripheral devices to optimize all processes. The production area is fully adapted to the comprehensive management of the product and has sufficient autonomy to produce a preventive quality with the maximum guarantees, achieving a product with the characteristics required.

We currently possess 12 plastic injection machines with a capacities from 6.4 tons to 326.5 tons. Among them is a special machine for measuring Babyplast moulds. The measurements between the machine bars range from 75 mm to 720 mm and have an injection volume of between 9 and 1000 cm3.

This wide-ranging capacity in our machine stock means that we are able to adapt to different dimensional and technical requirements according to the needs of each client. We can produce products, develop processes and manufacture components of different shapes and sizes for any sector, from small, high precision components to others of greater volume.

We manufacture parts in both technical-specification and conventional thermoplastics: ABS, ASA, SAN, PA, PP, PC, flexible PVC, TPE-S, etc.

We can adapt to short, medium or large series orders and match our delivery times to the needs of each project.



Our acquirement of Health Registry number (RSIPAC) 39.05396 / CAT, which we obtained in March 2014, means that we can manufacture plastic products that come into contact with food. Our team is experienced in the production of over-injection products with metal parts, bar turning, magnets, etc.

With a preventive and predictive maintenance programme in both our facilities and our machinery, we can ensure excellent reliability in all processes, achieving minimum losses in terms of both products and time, from stoppages due to unforeseen breakdowns.

When projects or clients so require, Plascom can manage the overprinting decoration process with the most appropriate marking system (screen printing, laser, pad printing, etc.) with respect to both parts and material or series characteristics.