Since its foundation in 1974, Plascom has been working to provide solutions to its clients in the plastic injection and mould construction sector. Since then the main objective of the Plascom team has been to achieve the satisfaction of each and every one of its clients. To this end we work together with our clients in order to offer a service that adapts to their needs, and at all times, from the beginning to the end of every project.

With over 40 years in the sector, we have acquired extensive experience by specializing in the manufacture of small, medium and large product series and with different dimensional, technical and quality requirements.

In the plastic injection sector, perfection depends on controlling the parameters of each piece. The Plascom team analyses and works with maximum rigour, putting into practice the experience acquired over the years, and consolidating the entire productive process in each project it deals with. This comprehensive process is supported by the synergy that emerges between our departments.

In Plascom’s planning strategy, a series of requirements predominate, and we apply them to attain our basic aims, which include:

Client loyalty, thanks to our commitment to working with zero errors.

The loyalty of all the members of our organization, while we also provide continuous training in order to attain a team of excellence.

An organizational structure with precise parameters of action, such as our availability in terms of permanent communication, anticipation as a key factor and constant innovation in our facilities.

Currently the global trend is being marked by an increase in the consumption of thermoplastic materials, due to their cost, their durability, their functionality, not to mention their safety and reliability. The market has undergone different changes, as have our clients, and Plascom, with its versatility and constant innovation, is able to supply a wide range of sectors with different levels of quality and technical features.

We have worked for numerous sectors, and have produced pieces related to: automation, industrial vehicle manufacture, measuring devices, electronics, phytosanitary products, food, fire-fighting, water pumps, childcare and home accessories. We manufacture an average of 20 million units per year.

Since the beginnings of the company we have worked closely with our clients and have provided support in project development by providing those productive solutions necessary and implementing them. This has allowed us surpass our former role as a provider by working across sectors.

Our greatest challenge is to achieve maximum precision, and it is one that we have faced with our know-how, and by analysing, seeking and undertaking constant improvements in our production processes.



Given our respect for each and every productive process, we have developed specific maintenance procedures for moulds, tools and other peripheral devices, which are performed by specialized personnel.

At Plascom we pay special attention to two fundamental aspects:

Firstly, the continual improvement of our quality system, which has been in development since the year 2000, when we obtained the ISO 9002 standard certificate, to today, with our current UNE-E-ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

In order to ensure proper product control we possess extensive metrology equipment that adapts to each type of manufacturing process.

With respect to preventive quality, we are rigorous in the development and implementation of the FMEA (Modal Analysis of Faults and Effects) method, and use our multifunctional equipment to this end.

In the undertaking of each project, Plascom works with a specialized, trained and multidisciplinary team that provides continuous improvement to each production process, ensuring a high level of quality.

At Plascom, our modern range of high-tech, fully-fitted equipment includes peripheral devices for the optimisation of all processes. The production area is fully integrated, as are all other departments, with integrated product management and with sufficient autonomy to provide preventive quality with the maximum guarantees.

With a preventive and predictive maintenance programme in both our facilities and our machinery, we ensure excellent reliability in all processes, achieving minimum wastage or losses from stoppages due to unforeseen breakdowns.

The use of a comprehensive planning method throughout our production process ensures the delivery of the manufactured product on the date established with our clients. To this end new systems are analysed, evaluated and implemented, such as the automatic downloading of orders into our computer system, the use of portable devices to enter data, the inclusion of bar codes or QRs, etc. as well as the use of more traditional systems.

Our warehouses prepare more than 50 daily deliveries which are transported mainly by our own vehicles to ensure that the goods arrive on time, on the agreed date, and in perfect condition.

At Plascom we are committed to maximum efficiency and reliability in all of our projects.